Location Shoot Preparations

To help ensure receiving the best production possible, please reference the following suggestions prior to Clubhouse Tours shooting:

Model Areas:

  • Make sure exterior entrance to apartment/model siding is clear of cobwebs and dirt and sidewalks are clear. Clean exterior light fixtures with working bulbs add to the picture.
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working including the stove light.
  • If there are extra items such as radios, fliers, snacks, etc. in your model, you may want to put them out of site.
  • Make sure beds are neat, tidy and as you want them photographed. Bulk pillows look better than a few flat.
  • Make sure the patio/balcony are clean and lights working as stated above about the entrances.
  • If there are common hallways leading to the apartment, make sure mail, fliers and debris are cleared.

Amenities and Exterior Landscape Areas:

  • TV’s look best turned on a nature or sports channel.
  • Business centers look best with computer screens on a pleasant picture or your website home page.
  • Fires in fireplaces are great.
  • Hot tubs turned on look better than off.
  • Let us know about using stock footage/photographs of any amenity that might not photograph well. Example would be tennis courts that are faded, basketball nets that are torn etc.

Please have a site map marked and ready with the following information:

  • Any particularly appealing landscaped areas, may be a courtyard, residents patio/balcony etc.
  • List all the amenities you want included in your video tour. Certain amenities may not be obvious to a camera man unfamiliar with your community. Also, decide what amenities you want shown, sometimes areas such as laundry rooms, while are important, are not necessarily appealing in a picture.
  • On the same token, make a list of any areas that you do not want included. Asphalt that may be needing sealed or that has obvious patches would be an example. We can shoot around these areas as long as we know your thoughts before we start to shoot.
  • List what your pet policies are. If pets happen to be out while we are shooting, we do try to include them, but would not want to do so if that particular pet happens to be one in violation of your pet policies.
  • We do try to include people in our exterior shots if they happen to be out walking or using different facilities. We do not show up close or direct shots, but please let us know prior to shooting if you would like us to avoid people shots.
  • Take a look at areas such as the entrance signs that you want shot. Look at what is in view, any curbs with debris or dead landscaping.
  • Additionally if you normally put balloons out, decide if you want these in the picture. Also make sure strings from previous balloons are not left on post.
  • Curb lines obviously look best with no chipped paint and/or debris such as leaves.
  • Remove any taped up signs, such as those that might be notices in common hallways, on your front door, in your business centers or laundry rooms.
  • Consider any signage that you may want to remove temporarily for the shoot. Examples would be pool signs that say “closed” or “rules”; or “rent late”…. basically any type of warning signs that would be visible in wide shots.

Thank You! We look forward to working with your site staff on your new video project.