Top Ten Reasons for Clubhouse Tours

1. Harness the Power of Video – Video is a very powerful tool to add to your marketing effort. But delivering this power to the audience has always presented an expensive problem. Not anymore. Internet-based video delivery now makes it possible for you to harness that power without busting your advertising budget. Hey, no packaging, handling or postage co$ts either!

2. A Virtual Leasing Office – It would be great if your leasing prospects could tour your community and apartment homes 24/7, 365 days of the year, right? Our online video tours makes this dream a simple everyday reality!

3. Out-of-Town Prospects – Clubhouse Tours virtually caters to this important growing prospect market. To borrow a popular ad line, Clubhouse Tours is everywhere you want to be! Not only does Clubhouse Tours transport your “curb appeal” anywhere, anytime!, your leasing staff need not wait for the prospect to visit, because they can tour the out-of-town prospect instantly, right on the phone!

4. Pre-Lease with Clubhouse Tours! – How many times have you had that special qualified prospect ready to lease, but with nothing to show? Our Floorplan Walk-thru tours are so comprehensive and complete, some communities have actually eliminated their expensive models! Maybe you’re not quite ready for that. But wouldn’t it be nice to a virtual model of every floorplan-style ready for show, even months before you have a market-ready?

5. Location! Location! Location! – The real estate mantra! Ok, so maybe your community is a bit off the beaten path, maybe too secluded or far from drive-by traffic… So what? With online Clubhouse Tours, location is not a problem. Create your own drive-by traffic and take your community to the prospect!

6. Your Prospect’s Lifecycle – Most leasing prospects you encounter are somewhere in the 2-5 year “renter’s lifecycle.” Ok, so what if they don’t lease with you right now? Enticing them with online video tours is a great way to obtain their email address, which in turn you can use as an easy way to “stay in touch” throughout that 2-5 year lifecycle! And it’s absolutely free!

7. Video Player Linking – We can link your Clubhouse Tours to any website at anytime (a free service we provide our Video Hosting Plan subscribers, btw). Right now, we can link your new video tours to your listing on and But what of other websites? Can you think of any? Remember, “video” is your powerful drawing card (just like a business card that can talk!). Maybe there’s a large corporation nearby with an employee service portal on their website. Call them and ask if you can place your link there. Maybe your surrounding community’s Visitor’s Bureau or Chamber of Commerce has a some space on their website you can link on. Hey, use your imagination… Remember, the eGeneration is looking for you!

8. eMarketing Campaigns – A video tour link posted on an ordinary email suddenly transforms the blah blah into an exciting surprise for a leasing prospect. Not only are phone leads and follow ups great candidates for this email video, but large companies are usually more than happy to email their employees with your surprise video gift, too! Again only your imagination prevents you from creating great drive-by traffic no matter where you are located.

9. Clubhouse Tours DVD – Here’s a great idea: why not show your video tours on your clubhouse television for visiting prospects? Or maybe on your leasing computer, anywhere you have a DVD player. Maybe you’ve been thinking about an up-coming trade show you’d like to attend? For a nominal fee we’ll create a DVD with a menu-selectable collection of your Clubhouse Tours!

10. Clubhouse Tours Price! – Simply put, Clubhouse Tours are so affordable you can’t afford not to let our cameras roll… Ready on the set… and… Action!

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