Video speaks with visible language.  Web users want information quickly and effectively.   Before on-line prospects can judge your community, they will judge your website by wanting to learn more or by simply clicking on to another, more appealing, site.  Good video engages prospects.

Video allows prospects control to see what they want of your community, when they want to see it and as many times as they want to see it.

Video immediately engages the on-line prospect and makes it easy for them to learn about your community.

Video makes a positive first impression…90% of all apartment prospects will view you on-line first.  Web Appeal is the new curb appeal when it comes to making that important first impression of your community to your potential prospects.

Video focuses your prospect’s attention; web users are impatient.  Don’t bore them with static text.  Which do you think has more positive effect on your prospects, reading that you have a sparkling pool, or actually seeing it sparkle and hearing it splash?