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Video Tour Samples

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward narrated presentation or a carefully-crafted visual to fit your community brand, Clubhouse Tours delivers proven-results with our experience, flexibility and creativity.

Clubhouse Tours is committed to provide our clients:

  • – Direct, personal consultation. We’ve built our business on twenty-plus years experience in apartment leasing & management.
  • – Small business flexibility. Yet big enough to deliver coast to coast USA video production.
  • – Professional creativity. We employ cutting-edge HD video production tools, with careful attention to detail to create an effective visual message, uniquely-tailored for your online leasing prospects.

We’ve specifically designed our video tours with a price-point attractive for any sized budget. For details, please click here…

Tour Your Leasing Prospects via Any Device 24/7

Tour Style: Custom 1.0

Custom Designed PresentationDescription:
Take a delightful dance through this beautiful Arlington, VA community. Learning More never felt so effortless. This image-style video presentation delivers much, and leaves your online visitors wanting to see even more!

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Tour Style: Custom 2.0

Tour Style: Custom 2.0Description:
We all know the real estate axiom about location. What we don’t know is how great your community location really is. This custom tour was designed to change all that. Have a look and see if you agree.

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Tour Style: Custom 3.0

Tour Style: Custom 3.0Description:
High impact, fast-paced image-style presentation, perfectly designed for your key demographic. Living Space Branding never looked so good! Or effective.

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Tour Style: Narrated 1.0

Tour Style: Narrated 1.0Description:
What do you get when you combine high-res HD video clips with a smart, appealing voice-over? Answer: A budget-smart video presentation. Special Note: Includes fantastic aerial shots!

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Tour Style: Narrated 2.0

Tour Style: Narrated 2.0Description:
Give your online leasing prospects a comprehensive tour of your community, amenity details, apartment interiors and neighborhood attractions. Two minutes well-spent!

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Tour Style: Text & Titles 1.0

Custom Video TourDescription:
Just let the HD video clips and text titles tell the story of your community. A simple, cost-effective, yet elegant way to introduce yourself to online visitors.

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Tour Style: Interior Walk-Thru 1.0

Photo Video TourDescription:
15-25 HD digital photo-stills capture an effective tour of interior-styles. A very cost-effective way to tour your leasing prospects, when no market-ready unit is available for show, or even when your leasing office is closed.

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Tour Style: Interior Walk-Thru 2.0

Video TourDescription:
Watch as our wide-angle, stabilized video camera actually moves you through the entire floor plan design, giving your online prospects the complete interior tour perspective, any time they want.

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Video Tour Pricing

We’ve specifically designed our video tours with a price-point attractive for any sized budget. For example, our standard Narrated-Style 1.0 tour is priced at $725.00. Custom-designed tours are priced on quoted-basis only. Our prices will vary based on a variety of factors, such as location, volume, and hosting considerations.

If you have any questions or would like a quote or just discuss how our media services might help your online apartment leasing business, please let us know and we’ll reply quickly!

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